Cyberunity is all about cyber security, but primarily, it is all about you – and who the U in cyberUnity stands for.

And of course, it’s all about our cyber community, and sharing and developing exciting topics: cyber market news, cyber security careers, career-related experiences, with a focus on your personal development, as well as the latest trends from the cyber security world. By enriching it with exciting content and exchanging ideas, our community comes alive.

Next Level – direct access to exciting cyber jobs 

Through us, you can access exciting cyber career opportunities, which we secure directly from the cyber-security community. We move in the cyber security scene, engaging equally with cyber security specialists as candidates or clients as well as educational institutions, daily. Our contacts enable us to find out at an early stage what’s going on in the market and where an exciting new opportunity is opening up that could be of interest to you. We make use of our long-established networks and the resulting direct access to decision-makers. As an alternative to submitting your own application, this provides you with the opportunity to contact the responsible recruiting manager directly. We will introduce you by sharing a brief abstract highlighting your greatest accomplishments, and this way, you will receive timely feedback. You immediately benefit from our long-standing, and well-maintained contacts: connecting people is our core competence and a matter of trust.

We are your “direct wire” to your next opportunity.

Insights – Learning through feedback

Whenever the topic of giving feedback pops up, we listen very carefully. Appreciative feedback is an opportunity for further development. We practice honest conversations, and you can be as open as you wish. We will help with words and deeds be it regarding your manner, the impression you give, your CV and further professional training you have planned.

Profit from client feedback: For more than 20 years, we have been conducting interviews and collecting anonymous feedback from our clients which we are making available for your benefit. This way, you have the opportunity to check and compare their feedback with your performance. Do you prefer to remain stuck in your ways, or do you prefer to adapt your approach?  

Please make an appointment to talk to us confidentially about your plans, preferences and improvement opportunities. If you wish, you will receive feedback on your potential for improvement. We view this conversation as an investment in a shared path, including stimulating interactions and new opportunities. All you, as a candidate, have to invest is time for our consultation on planning your career, for personal feedback and your CV.

Your continuous personal development

Our priority is the individual and their progress. Our experience has shown that our candidates are strongly trained in skills, methodologies and relevant cyber security certifications. What we find somewhat lacking is continuous personal development. IQ is superabounded. Therefore, we would like to invite you to develop your skills in the area of emotional intelligence further. When IQ and EQ meet, we reach HighQ. Through which you will have even more joy and success. For us, personal development is not a career but a life topic.  It is not just about self-optimisation for the job but about keeping the big picture in mind.

We have a desire for more! Do you? We are happy to recommend our partners specialised in this topic – WE ARE UNITY!


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