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Our Motto:
“KNOW YOUR TALENTS“ instead of “War for talents“.


Our passion is building and maintaining vibrant relationships with people in the cybersecurity scene. Whether we are perceived as recruiters, executive searchers, HR consultants, headhunters, or talent agents is less important. We see ourselves as relationship managers with a focus on specialists and leaders in the field of information security — the central and expert point of contact for both candidates and employers when it comes to recruiting future top performers.


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>>joshua and peter from cyberunity gave me excellent support and encouragement during my job search. cyberunity outshines all the big recruitment companies! i had ambitious wishes and thanks to cyberunity i was able to realise them. they always took me seriously, never slowed me down and their suggestions perfectly matched my personality.<<
>>peter kosel does an incredibly good job and finds the perfect balance between passing on information and not contacting people too often. he knows what's important, gives super helpful and efficient advice. he never loses track of things and has very good tips in store. many thanks for the good cooperation and support. keep it up!<<
>>today i would like to thank my talent manager joshua bucheli at cyberunity for the excellent work you have done for me as talent manager. your skills and dedication helped me take my career to the next level. you love your work and made my career design with great passion!<<
>>cyberunity accompanied me over a longer period of time and always interpreted my concerns and requirements correctly. This meant that neither side had to spend any time on sifting through and preparing job offers that were not promising.<<
>>super friendly and a great help when looking for new contacts and opportunities. really very personal and no mass processing where everyone is sent the same thing.<<
>>many thanks for the very personal but also very professional commitment. i felt very well looked after by you. i give you full marks for that! :)<<
>>you feel recognised from the beginning and are accompanied and supported excellently. roman is a reliable and likeable individual. i can do nothing but recommend roman and cyberunity, thank you very much for your support. <<
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same goals. different approach.

same goals. different approach.

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Here you will find the latest developments when it comes to all things IT-security. Gain valuable industry insights from articles, videos and events or get actively involved and inspire our community with your own contributions. Get to know exciting people, discover ambitious employers and expand your network.


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