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We understand the candidate market, rely on well-established recruitment processes, and enjoy a constantly growing network. We will find the perfect match for your business.

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as a cyber security talent agency, we are comprehensively specialised in information security recruitment. we act as a hub for specialists and a driving force when it comes to helping you secure your future top performers - in accordance with our guiding principle we: "recruit global, staff local".


We want to get a precise impression of you as a potential employer before we represent you in the market.

It is crucial that we understand exactly what your company is all about. Why should I join your company? What exactly does the job entail? What technological challenges that excite me and match my professional orientation are you currently struggling with? What opportuities for personal and/or professional development are on the table?

Naturally, we are also interested in whether you find yourself in the planning stages of the recruiting process or whether applications are already inbound. Would you like to hand over the entire recruitment process to us or would you rather remain actively involved? Based on these considerations, we will work together to devise the most effective way forward.

The big challenge? Those top talents who are open to new opportunities have plenty of options – that is to say, windows of opportunity are tight and time is of the essence. Are you racking your brains trying to find the right specialists? We have the solution and are ready to leverage our years of experience to your advantage – we stand by you.


Reach out to us and together we will find the ideal recruitment option for YOU.




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choose the option that suits you best and take advantage of our expertise and flexibility. get in touch and experience first hand how you can inspire and win over your future talent.

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You have yet to begin searching for talents and would like to outsource your recruitment process to us from the start, or you’ve tried in vain already and would now like to hand the reigns over to us? An exclusive mandate with us ensures you a qualified selection of suitable candidates by making sure that word of your vacancy reaches the widest possible market.


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You already find yourself in the middle of the recruitment process, but you aren’t getting enough suitable candidates to choose from? Need someone to provide you with some qualified alternatives so that you can draw some comparisons and successfully fill your vacancy? Reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss the option of a retained search.


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talent overview

You have a vacancy on the horizon and would like to begin by feeling out the market with regards to potential candidates? Reach out to us about a market overview and we will gladly help you draw up a tailored list of target companies and candidates. Of course, once you are ready to start the recruiting process you are free to switch over from a market overview into an exclusive mandate or a retained search at any time.


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>>joshua and peter from cyberunity gave me excellent support and encouragement during my job search. cyberunity outshines all the big recruitment companies! i had ambitious wishes and thanks to cyberunity i was able to realise them. they always took me seriously, never slowed me down and their suggestions perfectly matched my personality.<<
>>peter kosel does an incredibly good job and finds the perfect balance between passing on information and not contacting people too often. he knows what's important, gives super helpful and efficient advice. he never loses track of things and has very good tips in store. many thanks for the good cooperation and support. keep it up!<<
>>today i would like to thank my talent manager joshua bucheli at cyberunity for the excellent work you have done for me as talent manager. your skills and dedication helped me take my career to the next level. you love your work and made my career design with great passion!<<
>>cyberunity accompanied me over a longer period of time and always interpreted my concerns and requirements correctly. This meant that neither side had to spend any time on sifting through and preparing job offers that were not promising.<<
>>super friendly and a great help when looking for new contacts and opportunities. really very personal and no mass processing where everyone is sent the same thing.<<
>>many thanks for the very personal but also very professional commitment. i felt very well looked after by you. i give you full marks for that! :)<<
>>the interaction with cyberunity was very refreshing and took place at eye level thanks to their specialised expertise. Peter and his team take the time to understand one's background and align the expectations of all those involved from the outset. A valuable experience and great support.<<
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As a recruitment agency we focus exclusively on the field of information security. Due to our specialisation, our expertise and services in this field extend well beyond the norm. As dedicated cybersecurity enthusiasts, we are close to the action, help shape it, and can therefore function as the bridge between experts and potential employers.


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what we make? the difference.

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Here you will find the latest developments when it comes to all things IT-security. Gain valuable industry insights from articles, videos and events or get actively involved and inspire our community with your own contributions. Get to know exciting people, discover ambitious employers and expand your network.


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