SCI Feature: 5 benefits of cyber security training for employees in 2022

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64% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. This number shows that many organizations haven’t been doing an outstanding job of enhancing employee engagement. You may wonder why employee engagement matters. It is found that the organizations with a highly engaged workforce have 21% higher profitability. So, if this case applies to your company, it is time to do something about it to make your employees more engaged. Consider cyber security training for employees to help them increase their knowledge and skills through cyber security hands-on training in 2022 and years ahead.


5 Benefits of Cyber Security Training for Your Workforce


In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, the importance of cyber security training for employees has never been greater. Here are the 5 benefits of cyber security training for your employees.


1. Training Improves Skills and Knowledge


It’s inevitable that employees will have some type of weaknesses in their workplace knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement. A cyber security training gives everyone in your team an opportunity to strengthen their relevant skills. This helps make sure that every team member can perform their responsibilities day in and day out.


With proper training, weaknesses can turn into strengths. Are you a Computer Science or Cyber Security student looking to acquire real-world knowledge? Or are you looking to make a transition to security risk management work? Have a look at our Information Security Risk Management training that will start in May 2022. Upon completion, you’ll learn essential principles of risk analysis and obtain the knowledge to implement risk management concepts in your organization.


2. Training Prepares Your Employees for Higher Responsibilities


Providing employees with better skills prepares them to take your organization to the next level. Simple as that. Some of your employees may possess inadequate skills or knowledge so they produce poor quality.

According to research conducted by Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning among 4300 workers, 74% of employees said they weren’t achieving their full potential at work because of the lack of growth opportunities. If you face or have faced such a scenario, it means that your employees need a training program to remove their deficiencies and perform as expected.


On the other hand, cyber security training programs can also help prepare employees who are assuming higher roles in the near future and considering more responsibilities in an organization. These programs will help them acquire the skills that are necessary to work productively in their new positions. Prepare your workforce through cyber security job training for higher positions and improve the overall productivity of your workers.



3. Training Shows Employees They’re Valued


By investing in training organizations show their employees that they’re really valued. This is very important because employees who feel valued at work are often happier and less likely to search for other work opportunities. When your employees are happy, they can better contribute to the workplace environment and help your organization reach its goals.


Training provides employees with access to the knowledge they wouldn’t have had access to, so employees feel rewarded with a sense of satisfaction. This, in return, makes employees more loyal to the company. According to research, employee replacement can cost a company 6-9 months of that employee’s salary. Don’t let that happen to your company and invest in employee development with our cyber security programs.


4. Training Reduces Employee Turnover


One of the most critical issues facing organizations today is how to retain the employees they want to keep. Employees leave organizations for different reasons: some find a different job, some go back to university, some never work earning a certain amount of money, and etc.


Employee departures cost a company time, money, and other resources. The research found that direct replacement costs can increase to between 50% and 60% of an employee’s annual salary. Did this number strike you as high? There are numerous other costs as well such as:


  • delays in production and customer service
  • decreases in product or service quality
  • lost clients
  • disruptions to team-based work
  • loss of workforce diversity
  • stiffer competition as employee moves to a rival company


Research shows that 40% of employees who don’t receive the job training, will leave their positions within 12 months. Is your organization ready for a talent crunch? You probably aren’t. Keeping the right people with the right cyber security skills is becoming seriously challenging. Cyber security training certification like Cyber Security Specialist with Federal Diploma can be a strategic tool to reduce employee turnover in your organization.


5. Training Improves Company Culture


What are the key elements of great company culture? Caring? Innovation? A sense of community? Growth opportunities? Or trustworthy management? Surely, these elements make the company culture great. But did you know that providing employees with training programs matters as much as these elements do? 65% of organizations with training and development programs saw improvements in their company cultures.

Take a moment now and think about what your company culture is. We understand that improving your company culture doesn’t happen overnight, it needs to start early with business processes such as training programs.


Organizations with solid infrastructures that support employee growth validate their commitment to each employee’s professional development and foster a strong sense of culture.


Fill the Gap in Your Employees’ Knowledge with our Cyber Security Trainings


Organizations compete to attract top talents, so the importance of cyber security training for employees is increasing more than ever. Swiss Cyber Institute is a cyber security education center that strives to increase the capacity building in cyber security through hands-on training and education programs.


If your organization faces a knowledge gap in cyber security and if you need performance improvements in certain cyber security functions, visit our webpage for more information. Keep in mind that a well-designed training program ensures that your employees have a consistent experience as well as background knowledge.


We also offer 2 advanced programs, namely ICT Manager and ICT Security Expert, both with Federal Diploma. Should you need to discuss the program details with us, contact us now. Don’t forget to check out our weekly blog posts where we cover the latest cyber security matters.


Pasha Abdulov
Swiss Cyber Institute Cybersecurity Writer and Content Marketer

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