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Identity Access Management Specialist


Join our clients in the following positions, to name a few:

  • identity and access management (iam) engineer
  • identity active directory engineer
  • identity and access management architect



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what awaits you:


Identity and access management is an essential part of a company’s IT security strategy. Compromised logins and access authorisations often serve as a gateway into corporate networks. To protect company data and assets, centralised and structured access management is absolutely essential.

Design and ensure the necessary access rights (authorisations) to systems and programmes for employees in the company.

Provide different authentication methods for verifying the identity of users.

Reduce cybersecurity risks by automating recurring access management processes.

Protect individual cloud solutions with IAM products.

what sets you apart:

A passion for cybersecurity in general and for questions of authorisation and authentication in particular.

Future-oriented individuals with a life-long learning attitude.

Certifications are good, but practical experience and strong interdisciplinary analytical skills are essential.

A sound understanding of IAM-concepts, -standards (SSO, ABAC, SAML, etc.) and -products (One Identity, Active Directory, Okta, etc.).

Highly motivated to constantly improve themselves, businesses, and the IAM environment.

Continuing education e.g., Microsoft Certified: Identity & Access Administrator Associate, Okta Certified Professional